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Our walk of faith is not always comfortable. In face, sometimes it's just scary! God has a way of pushing us to our limits, and then past them, to show us it’s not about our limits, but it’s all about the limitless God we serve. We are always challenged to step out in faith and put our weight in him. Constantly encouraged to launch into the deep, even when it’s over our head. 

     For the last 7 years our ministry has primarily been fulfilled in the role as worship pastor's in the East TN Region. Recently, we feel the call to share the music God has given us with the world. We hope to inspire others to a pursuit of a more intimate relationship with Jesus through word and song. We are also excited to bring a number of worship and ministry events to the SWVA area. We are beginning to take appointments and bookings for the remainder of the 2019 year and into 2020.

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